Monday, January 30, 2012

My dog is going to Heaven

I often spend my mornings doing a devotion and reading from the Word. This morning was no different, other than the fact that I woke up a little late, and in a hurry to get to work, forgot to put my bible back on my bedside table. I came home on my lunch break, and when I walked into my room I saw this site: my sweet dog Ralph sound asleep, head resting right beside the open Bible, and a pen conveniently placed underneath his paw. I like to think he was spending some time in the good Word himself. I hate to boast, but I think I have proof that my dog is a pretty holy one. People always wonder if dogs go to Heaven. I know mine will.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Agnus Dei", Lamb of God

Just a little love for Jesus as expressed through a little boy. This is sure to give you chills. Watch the whole thing. Incredible.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Jumping into a new year

Okay so let's just say I hit a busy, crazy, chaotic few weeks after Thanksgiving and my blog took the hit as far as getting the least attention. But who doesn't get busy during the holidays, right? So the last time I wrote was in 2011, which is no more! I can't believe it is 2012. I am glad it is a new year though, I was ready for a fresh start. 2011 was getting old.

New Years resolutions. Everyone makes them. And by the second week of January most are making some excuse as to why it hasn't worked, or like myself; compromising the resolution, so as to not seem that you have been a complete failure. Justifying the means as to why you must alter the original resolution. Here's an example. This year I decided I wasn't going to eat sweets. Not for an entire year, just for a "cut back". I shared this with my parents, which was probably my first mistake. The more people you tell, the bigger failure you feel like once you don't stick to your resolution. January 1st, not even 24 hours into the new year, I walked in the kitchen (with no intention of eating), and walked out with a brownie. Now, in my defense, it was one of those packaged low calorie, low fat brownies (there I go justifying again...), but chocolate is chocolate and I was caught red handed already eating a sweet. My dad, who had remembered mention of my resolution looked at the brownie, then at me. Without a word from him I quickly explained myself "I decided I'm not going to cut them out completely, I'm just going to eat less of them...and really New Years day shouldn't even count." His response "Already compromising one day in, huh? Sounds promising." So I decided I didn't need a holiday to tell me I needed to set goals and make resolutions. I'm pulling a rebel move on this one...I'm just going to make the resolution when I see fit. 

I've never been big on New Years Eve. Not only does it mark the end of the holiday season, but I think it is one of the most anti-climactic holidays that gets way too much hype...and usually ends up being kinda "blah" as I call it. This year didn't prove much different. As I dressed up in a sparkly top ready for a night downtown, I found myself in my pajamas by 10 and at Sonic at 11:30 P.M. with my best friend, drinking a milkshake. The excitement didn't stop there. We then proceeded to her house where we watched Dick Clark in Times Square, saw the ball drop, and jumped off the fireplace at midnight. The fireplace tradition comes from my dad. He used to tell us when we were little that was how we "jumped" into the new year. I used to think the year would only change if we jumped off the fireplace. To this day, every year I share the fireplace tradition wherever I am. I can usually get a few to join me and I believe a few have even adopted the tradition themselves. So even though my New Years Eve usually starts out every year with big plans and expectations, it almost always results in retiring before 10 to pajamas, a couch, family or a few friends, and a fireplace; and I am perfectly okay with that.

Oh and like I said...the fireplace tradition goes with me every year. And it doesn't stop just because there may be lacking a fireplace. When my family was in Tampa a few years ago for the Outback Bowl, we retired to the hotel room (told you--every year never fails) and made the beds makeshift fireplaces. If we hadn't jumped that year, we'd be behind. It's just tradition. Happy New Year!